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Bulldog Climbing Company is a climbing-focused brand who's purpose is to support animal shelters and rescues throughout the U.S.  Inspired by the founders two Boston Terrier/French Bulldog mixed rescues, Bulldog Climbing is setting out to change the rescue epidemic one life at a time.  We will do this by connecting active outdoor people with information about rescues, shelters and animals available for fostering and adoption.

To support this goal, proceeds from sales of our branded apparel will be donated to rescue shelters to prevent animal abuse and help each animal find its forever home through adoption.  

On behalf of the team here at Bulldog Climbing, we want to thank you for following us on Instagram and Facebook, and for supporting us in our journey for change!


About the Founder

Grant McKee is a Los Angeles native with a passion for the outdoors!  During most summers, he and his family would spend their vacations camping and hiking in different parks, most often in the upper areas of Yosemite.  Grant and his wife continue to visit Yosemite every year.  

While spending time outdoors, Grant was exposed to a variety of animals in their natural element.  As a result Grant became very passionate about the ethical treatment of animals and believes in giving each a chance for a better life. This is his way of giving back.


He is an avid biker, hiker and climber. You will often find Grant and his wife riding their bikes along the coast or in a local climbing gym.  

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